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MANCHESTER – Tuesday 25th June 2024

Manchester Suite, Manchester United Stadium, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0RA

Recommended Accommodation :

Premier Inn Old Trafford, Sir Alex Ferguson Way, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1WS.

Courier details :

Please label as follows:- FAO Brad Martin, Manchester United FC, Group Logistics, Unit 27, United Trading Estate, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0RJ (Ref 46199/SHOWCASE Events/Manch Suite/25th June) Deliveries the day prior, collections the day after. Please notify organisers at end of the event so items can be moved to Unit 27 for collection. No Collections from the suite.


Sat Nav:

M16 0RA


Please use the W2 or N1 Car Park accessed via John Gilbert Way off Wharfside Way. Security will ask for your company name and check your vehicle to allow access and any equipment will be checked by security before lift access to the Manchester Suite.


Free in the W2 or N1 Car Park accessed via John Gilbert Way off Wharfside Way.


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financeSHOWCASE Exhibitor Manual

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What can I do now to get ready for the event?

If you haven’t already done so please email the below content to

  1. Exhibitor Name/Phone Number/Website
  2. Contact Name, Job Title and Email address
  3. Short slogan or brief description of what you do (max 50 characters inc spaces – appears as hover text on listing)
  4. Company Overview (max 500 Characters inc spaces)
  5. Black and White company logo, png format, with transparent background
  6. Up to 5 links to downloadable content / landing pages
  7. A 60 second video promoting your business (supplied in MP4 format)
  8. Notify any staff that need to book time out for the event and book accommodation.
  9. If you have booked a showguide advertisement – We require a Full Colour High Resolution (300dpi) PNG or JPEG File. The finished size of the advert is A5 148×210 Portrait. If your advert is designed to fit within margins, the artwork should be 138×200 or smaller. If your advert has been designed for the edges to bleed, the artwork size should be 154×216 with text content at least 10mm from each edge to allow for trimming. Please ensure artwork is created in CMYK as the show guide is produced in printed format and any artwork produced in RGB will be susceptible to colour variation. Send to
What do I need to bring?
  • A pop-up stand/Portable Display Boards/Pull Up Banners – Important – sizes to be within the parameters outlined in ‘Stand Configurations’. If you have a non-standard stand configuration you must contact the organiser asap. We have a number of clients in our marketingSHOWCASE who can help with display materials. Please contact for more information.
  • A 3m extension lead is required to have access to a power socket. (if access to electricity is required/multiple devices).
  • A Podium to rest your laptop on and for demo purposes only
  • Samples/Literature etc.
Be Vigilant – Scammers – take note!
  • Please be aware of companies contacting you implying they work for us and offering to sell you pre and post event data, show guide advertising and supplementary event services. This unfortunately happens from time to time across the events industry and is beyond our control. Event data is supplied via us only to those exhibitors who have booked packages including data and strictly in accordance with GDPR policies. Communications regarding our events will only come from myself, Ashley or Steve.

You should be inviting your prospect customers to meet you at financeSHOWCASE and this is why…

1 – You can show them why your system is the best one for them.
2 – It shows you are confident in your product and know you can help
3 – It can speed up the process and save you lots of time while they shop around anyway.
4 – Can create a great customer journey

Stands will be positioned in rows with the displays side by side – there are no sides to stands and exhibitors are not permitted to create their own, thus obscuring neighbouring stands. Stand positions are allocated by the organisers for each event.
Please note maximum height of 2.3m.
If you have a non-standard stand configuration you must contact the organiser for approval.
The distribution of literature either by an Exhibitor, or his promotional staff, may only be done within his own stand area and not in the gangways, or any other part of the exhibition hall or surrounding areas.  Furthermore, the Organisers reserve the right to cease, or withdraw any promotional activity by any Exhibitor to which they object.


  • Venues will be open for Exhibitors from 8.00am.
  • Set-up from 8am-9.45am. At some venues set up the day before may be available, please contact Gary for details the week prior to the event date.
  • All stands must be in place by 9.45am due to Health & Safety, see H&S section.
  • Open to visitors from 10.00 until 14:00.
  • Exhibits may be dismantled once the exhibition closes at 14:00. Due to Health and Safety and consideration to our visitors and other exhibitors,   no exhibit may be removed from the exhibition before this time, except with the express permission of the Organiser.
  • All exhibits must be removed from the premises no later than 17:00 on the day of the exhibition including courier collection unless arranged with the venue prior.
  • 0eminar / Speaker Guidelines

    Below you will find specifications for all the bits we need from you to populate the website and promote your talk. Secondly, it’s written to help you understand what to expect and what’s expected of you.

    What we need;

    What we need What’s it used for Guidelines Character count / time
    Seminar Title Website, Social, Emails, Show Guide Educational. Aimed at senior finance professionals. Keep these short, simple and intriguing. 50 inc spaces
    Seminar Summary/Synopsis Website, Social, Emails, Show Guide Highlight what the audience will gain from watching your seminar within the character limit.  250 inc spaces
    Speaker Name Website, Social, Emails, Show Guide
    Speaker Job Title Website, Social, Emails, Show Guide
    Speaker Headshot (more info below) Website, Social, Emails Colour, Portrait, guidance below

    Seminar Promo-Video

    (more info below)

    Website, Social 30 seconds, See Guidance Below 30 seconds, See Guidance Below

    Seminar Recording

    (more info below)

    Emails, Social 25 minutes, See Guidance Below 25 minutes, See Guidance Below

    Speaker Headshot

    To create consistent and high-quality speaker headshots for use on our website and in email campaigns, please follow these guidelines. 

    1. Excellent results are possible using the camera on an up-to-date mobile phone, like iPhone 14 Pro using portrait mode with the flash off.
    2. The objective is to create a head and shoulder photograph with the depth of field set to focus on you.
    3. Selecting a position in a room where you will be well-lit by natural light but not facing direct sunlight. Ideally in front of a plain painted wall. 
    4. Frame yourself on the screen in landscape, with some space above your head and down as far as your chest.
    5. We will most likely make some minor adjustments to your photos but only to create a consistent look on the event promotions.

    Seminar Promo-Video


    1. 30 seconds condensed. Who you are, what your seminar will be covering and the benefits to attendees.
    2. Don’t mention location or date!
    3. Make some effort to consider lighting and background. 
    4. You can record in self mode on your phone (cinematic video mode if you have it as it removes any shaky hands) or a HD webcam if easier.
    5. Please record in landscape orientation

    Seminar Recording


    1. Full recording of your seminar presentation, maximum 25 minutes
    2. Please do not include your slides in the recording.
    3. Don’t mention location or date!
    4. Make some effort to consider lighting and background. 
    5. Please supply this as an mp4 file or vimeo link prior to the event date so we have time to upload ready for the post event email to all attendees.

    What to expect

    Speaking can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be but, sometimes knowing what to expect can really help build confidence ahead of time.

    • There are usually 8 seminars throughout a typical event across 2 theatres. 2 Talks take place from 10:05 am. You will be informed where you need to be and when.
    • A typical theatre seats around 70 with space for more to stand if needed.
    • We use high quality Rode microphones (handheld) and Bose PA systems. The volume will be managed carefully to ensure everyone can hear you (but not too loud).
    • You will need your laptop loaded with your presentation ready to connect via hdmi to our projector. We do have all sorts of connectors but if your device needs an adapter to connect to HDMI it would be sensible to bring your own just in case.
    • You have 25 minutes in total to present your session, it can be shorter but must be at least 20 minutes.
    • You shouldn’t host Q&A at the end of your talk, instead direct them to your stand where you and colleagues can take more in-depth questions.

     What’s expected of you

    Having run 100’s of events and watched many more 100’s of seminars, we have collated data from visitors and provided the following guidelines to ensure the best chance of a successful seminar; 

    • Seminars must be 100% educational – the best way to sell and convert customers from the seminars is to give away loads of valuable and actionable tips and advice.
    • Content must be aimed at manager level or above – The majority of our audience are senior leadership in marketing and we want to attract more of these so the content must be pitched at that level. Skip the basic stuff and really push the boundaries.
    • Talks must be between 20-25 minutes – any shorter and visitors feel short-changed, longer and we have a scheduling issue. Please stick to these times.

    Seminar titles are the main driver to bums on seats – snappy and eye-catching titles win more seminar attendees, FACT. Keep these short, simple and intriguing.

Please refer to individual event checklists above for specific courier details.


Free wifi is available at all venues. Please check with event staff on-site for details.


Catering facilities will be provided during the exhibition, usually on a cafeteria basis depending on the individual venue. Each exhibition stand will receive drink vouchers together with 2 luncheon vouchers,for members of staff.


Boxes, literature etc. may be stored either under a table or behind a stand, however, space used for storage behind your stand will be considered part of your total space allocation.
Please note that Fire Regulations will not allow storage in areas that obstruct fire exits etc.


Exhibitors showing films or creating excessive noise or using audio or audio-visual aids that disturb adjacent Exhibitors may be asked to cease such activities in the interest of the overall exhibition.


Exhibitors are advised that, under the terms of their contract, all payments must be made in full 21 days prior to the commencement of the show. Registration lists will not be supplied unless payment has been received. We must therefore remind Exhibitors, that they will not be able to set up their stands until any outstanding payments have been met.
Payment can be made via BACS or cheque. Payment details are listed on all invoices.


Post-event lists will be supplied the day after the event where possible via email. Data will indicate where a registered delegate has visited the show. Exhibitors will be provided with the delegate data for the event and/or sector to which they have subscribed in their booking form.

The Organisers are committed to operating its various businesses in compliance with all the relevant legislation and guidelines covering Health and Safety at Work and it is a requirement of venues that all Exhibitors, Contractors and Visitors comply with the law and the regulations of the venue at all times. Anyone infringing any relevant legislation and/or any venue regulations, will be asked to desist forthwith any serious or continuing breaches may be banned from the premises.

Covid Policy

  • All of our events will follow the official government and individual venue guidelines, any changes will be notified accordingly.
  • Whilst not mandatory all persons attending the event will be encouraged to wear facemasks for their own and others’ safety.
  • All persons attending the event will be encouraged to check into the event using the NHS OCR app check-in code.
  • All persons attending the event will be encouraged to be aware and comfortable with their surroundings with regard to their own and others social distance  (2m aisles will be used throughout the event)
  • Anyone with typical covid symptoms or who has been instructed to self-isolate is instructed not to attend the event.
  • Anyone displaying covid symptoms will be refused admission and be encouraged to take a test at the earliest opportunity
  • The venue will provide hand sanitizer stations.
  • The venue will ensure the suite is properly ventilated
  • The venue will ensure a regular cleaning regime for all facilities
  • The venue staff will wear facemasks for their own and visitors’ safety.

When considering their risk assessment and whilst on site, Exhibitors are asked to take note of the following key risk areas:
Should you wish to demonstrate a product using heat, water, heavy electrical usage, extra large or heavy exhibits for example, you must notify us prior to the event and be accompanied by a full risk assessment (please note that some venues may have a policy that may exclude some of the above )
The important need to maintain all emergency gangways, as indicated on the technical floor plan during build-up and breakdown.
Due respect and consideration should be given to other users of the venue.
The need for operatives to wear suitable protective clothing relevant to their job, which includes eye, hearing and foot protection.
The work area must be maintained free from general waste materials, which could hazard operatives. All waste should be disposed of in the proper manner.
Ensuring that all portable and static power equipment is used for the purpose for which it was designed and that safety guards are correctly fitted and used.


All electrical equipment must be tested in accordance with current legislation. All equipment over 12 months old will require a current PAT test certificate.

Due to guidelines set out in current safety legislation, it is a requirement that Exhibitors ensure that each item to be plugged into the electrical mains supply should have PAT certification (Portable Appliance Test). Many venues now stipulate that without current certification, they will not allow the items in question to be “plugged in”. i.e. computers, laptops, monitors, and stand lights.
Framework Media will provide access to one single power socket to each exhibition stand; sufficient to operate 1 PC and 4 low voltage stand lights only. Exhibitors must ensure that they bring their own multipoint extension lead if they wish to use multiple items. Exhibition stands must strictly adhere to these parameters, failure to do so could lead to a disruption of the power supply.
Signs involving neon or similar gases are not permitted. Any special requirements should be checked with the Organisers and if approval is given, confirmed in writing prior to the beginning of build up of the exhibition. Wherever possible Exhibitors are advised to use Laptop computers to ensure that in the event of a power failure, your presentations will not be interrupted.


All structures, materials, special designs, unusual constructions and all signs shall conform to British Safety Standards and Codes of Practice and comply with the Local Authority and Fire Brigade Regulations or those of any other Statutory Authority.
Any stand infringing fire precautions will be dismantled. The Organisers cannot be held responsible.


There will be situated throughout the building, instructions on what to do if you discover a fire, or hear the fire alarm and the Organisers will be familiar with the type of alarm (siren, bell etc.) and the Emergency Evacuation Procedure used by the venue, which will include operation of the fire alarm activation points, means of escape and assembly areas.

Upon discovering a fire:

1. Sound the alarm.

2. Dial 999 to call the fire brigade.

On hearing the fire alarm, the Organiser in charge will direct all Exhibitors and Visitors as follows:

Immediately leave the building by the nearest available exit. DO NOT USE THE LIFTS.
If the nearest exit is inaccessible due to smoke etc. use the next available exit.
Do not return to your normal place of work or stop to collect personal belongings.
Close all doors behind you.
Report to your designated assembly point, the location of which should be displayed in a prominent position.
Do not return to the building for any reason until authorized to do so.

Persons with mobility problems:

1. On joining a section each person with a mobility problem shall be allocated two escorts.

2. During an evacuation one escort will remain with that person in a safe area. Care must be taken that this does not obstruct the main evacuation routes.

3. The other escort will proceed to the exit and inform the person in charge or the Fire Brigade that a person with mobility problems requires evacuating.

4. The designated person (security/caretaker etc.) or fire officer will then go to the location and escort the person out of the building.

5. Escorts will remain with the person until the all clear is given and then assist them back to their place of work.


In the case of injury, please inform the Organisers.


Exhibitors are reminded that no part of any stand or exhibit, including fascias, signs, corner posts or fittings shall project into or overhang any gangways or obscure fire exit signs.  Projector podiums must be set-up within the parameters of the space allocated.  Should this not be observed Exhibitors would be instructed to move the offending item by the Organisers as this contravenes safety regulations within the venue.


The company, it’s employees and exhibitors shall make “reasonable adjustments” to enable disabled visitors to make full use of our services.
1. When selecting venues for we will ensure that wheelchair access is provided wherever possible.
2. Room layouts will be designed to cater for wheel chair access wherever possible.
3. Full disabled access is available at event venues wherever possible.
4. Aisles will be no less than 2m wide
5. Aisles will be kept free of obstruction during exhibition opening times.
6. All exhibition staff will be made aware of the RNID type-talk services so that they may confidently handle type talk enquiries.
7. Seminars/presentations can be supported by written material, available by prior request.
8. Speakers will be provided with, and asked to comply with, RNID guidelines for communicating with deaf people who lip-read.
9. Seating will be available at the front of the seminar area, no more than 6 feet from the presenter wherever possible, to accommodate anyone with a severe or profound hearing loss.
10. Seminar seating arrangements will be designed to easily accommodate a wheelchair.
11. All employees should have read the DDA – A guide for providers of goods, facilities and services as provided by the RNID- and understood its implications to our products and services.
12. Bearing in mind the subject matter, in the unlikely event that a blind person visits us, the company will take reasonable steps to assist that visitor in whatever way possible.
13. Within the obvious restraints of the exhibition genre, we will adhere to accommodate all disabilities, whenever possible.
EXHIBITORS : Please be aware of the above in relation to the service you provide, you should have available written materials to support your activity whether that be stand presentations or seminar speaking.


All stands must be completed including the positioning of exhibits at least 15 minutes prior to the official opening time of the event.  Please note that due to Health and Safety Regulations Exhibitors will not be allowed to erect stands after the show has been opened to the public.  It is therefore in the Exhibitor’s best interests to ensure that if they are travelling any distance on the morning of the event that they allow themselves plenty of time for the journey.


All exhibits are at the Exhibitor’s own risk. Please make sure that your stand is attended when the deliveries are made, as the Organisers cannot accept deliveries on Exhibitor’s behalf for security reasons.


Exhibitors are requested to respect the smoking arrangements at individual venues.


Anyone under the age of 18 years will not be permitted into the Exhibition during opening hours unless accompanied by an adult. Exhibitors and Contractors must not bring children to the exhibition during the build up or break down periods for safety reasons. Exhibitors are also reminded that no animals other than guide dogs will be permitted in the exhibition at any time.


The Organisers will not themselves be responsible for the safety of any articles of any kind brought into the Exhibition by the Exhibitors, their servants, agents or contractors, members of the public or any other person. Exhibitors should make sure that they are fully covered by insurance including Public Liability, all risks of their property and Employers Liability.
The Exhibitor shall insure, indemnify and hold the Organisers harmless in respect of all costs, claims, demands and expenses to which the Organisers may in any way be subject as a result of any loss or injury arising to any person howsoever caused as the result of any act of default of the Exhibitor, his servants, agents, contractors or invitees. If the Organisers so demand, the Exhibitor shall provide proof to the Organisers that the Exhibitor has adequate insurance cover.
The Organisers shall not in any event be held responsible for any restrictions or conditions which prevent the construction, erection, completion, alteration or dismantling of stands or for the entry, sitting or removal of exhibits, or for the failure of any of the services normally provided by the venue or for the cancellation or part-time opening of the Exhibition either as a whole or in part or for the amendments or alterations to all or any of the Rules and Regulations caused by circumstances not under their control. Exhibitors should arrange insurance cover for the above and other as required.


Exhibitors are requested to leave the exhibition venue in a reasonable condition.  Any damage caused to an exhibition venue by an Exhibitor shall be the responsibility of that Exhibitor and they shall be responsible for any charges levied by the owner of the venue for any repairs.


The Organisers have the right to charge the Exhibitor for damage to premises caused by the Exhibitor, his staff or contractors. Exhibitors should satisfy themselves as to the condition of their site before the build up commences, any damage found should be reported to the Organisers.

We’ve launched an exhibitor only whatsapp group where will share pre-show marketing, logistics and relevant event information.


This is suitable for marketing contacts as well as staff who will be on the stand for event day.


To join, please email with names and numbers for those who wish to join.