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In this ever-changing business world, agility and innovation are the watchwords of success. Adapting and evolving to meet new challenges, businesses of all types and sizes are embracing new ideas and technologies to support business growth.

Our mission: to share our combined “Know-How”, experience and innovations, in an environment that will help spark new ideas, solve problems and find new products.



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Discover a wealth of knowledge and expertise at our upcoming financeSHOWCASE events. Our educational seminars are tailored exclusively for finance professionals like you, providing invaluable insights into the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the industry. Delivered by renowned experts and thought leaders, these seminars cover a wide range of topics, including financial management, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, and technological advancements. Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment, network with peers, and gain the tools and insights necessary to excel.

Building Business Resilience & Navigating Uncertainty
Gareth Anderson
Allica Bank
During this time of increasing economic uncertainty, business owners are facing unprecedented challenges – from stubborn inflation and rising interest rates to weakening demand. Gareth Anderson (Head of Business Management at Allica Bank) will draw on his 17 years of experience in financial services working closely with business owners, to uncover practical steps on how businesses can become more resilient to not only survive in the present but thrive into the future.
Role of the CFO in an evolving Sustainable Finance Ecosystem
Nikhil Chouguley
This session shall explore key concepts such as: · Asset impairment due to climate change related physical risks · Reputational and commercial risks related to ESG factors, especially for firms which are lagging behind their peers in reducing their carbon footprint · Financial institutions’ use of regulatory ESG data and sustainability metrics to assess their exposure of ESG laggards · The use of carbon offsets and the prudent management of natural, human and political capital as part of a sustainability risks management function
UK economic update for finance professionals
Bruno Fernandes
In 2024, the UK's economic landscape presents dynamic shifts for finance professionals. Inflation concerns and geopolitical factors add complexity, demanding astute financial strategies for optimal outcomes. Gain valuable insights from one of the leading global credit insurers.
Empowering Finance Leaders: Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape
Mike Robinson
As cyber threats evolve, finance leadership plays a crucial role in an organisation's response to security incidents. This session explores the current threat landscape, including challenges such as phishing, ransomware, DDoS attacks, and insider threats. We'll cover how CyberCrowd helps clients combat threats, explore innovative defences in cybersecurity, and discuss future trends like AI-driven attacks and cryptocurrencies, emphasising the importance of a strong information security posture.
The AI-Driven Future of Finance and Business Decisions
Peter Walker
Hopton Analytics
AI is changing the world at a rapid pace and the Finance function is no exception. Learn how the AI revolution is going to impact business from the office of the CFO to the shop floor. We will examine the potential impact of generative AI on your business model, fraud and fraud detection, productivity, data accuracy, regulatory compliance, audit, forecasting, and more. This session is critical to help you prepare for the AI revolution.
Top 5 Purchase-to-Pay Risks You Need to Know in 2024
Paul Conway
Fiscal Technologies
Finance has undergone a significant period of change over the last 3 years, which is now exposing many finance leaders and teams to a new range of risks. Uncover the techniques to mitigating these threats, reducing fraud, financial impact and compliance penalties.
Navigating the Most Liquid and Volatile Market in the world
John Freeme
With global trade at record highs, Businesses are more exposed to currency fluctuations than at any time in history. Management of this risk is our speciality.

Financial administration for effective international growth
David Atherton
The company’s ability to create an effective financial administration in conjunction with internationalisation is crucial to maintaining control of the business, financial administration, financial reports, reliable data, compliance, taxation, regulations.
Boosting the Bottom Line with Apprenticeships
Jo Scott
Understand how government funding can be used to cover up to 100% of your training costs. This session will look at the different ways apprenticeship funding can be used, whether you pay into the levy or not. It will cover looking at new recruits to build a talent pipeline but also how it can be used to train existing staff.

Real World Skills Top Finance Professionals Need in 2024
Marlon Thomas
This session will focus on the evolving finance skills businesses need and how the right mix of technical finance knowledge and power business skills will help you succeed
UK economic update for finance professionals
Jonathan Steenberg
In 2024, the UK's economic landscape presents dynamic shifts for finance professionals. Inflation concerns and geopolitical factors add complexity, demanding astute financial strategies for optimal outcomes. Gain valuable insights from one of the leading global credit insurers.
Beyond bookkeeping: supporting best practice in FP&A
Terry Hogan
The Finance department sits at the heart of the modern company, often providing specialist analytical and forecasting support to the business alongside its traditional role of bookkeeping and cash management. This talk explores how modern tools and techniques assist FP&A professionals in this increasingly demanding role.

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financeSHOWCASE, tailored exclusively for finance directors, CFO’s, Accounting and Finance Managers, presents a diverse array of specialist exhibitors ready to showcase their expertise and cutting-edge solutions and combine to help you navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence. Among the lineup, renowned consulting companies offer valuable insights on regulatory compliance, tax planning, and strategic financial decision-making. While industry-leading financial technology firms present innovative software and tools designed to streamline financial operations, enhance data analytics, and optimize risk management strategies.

Your Partner in Group Reporting
The leading professional body for accounting technicians
ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
The global body for professional accountants
Grow quicker with intelligent accounting
Allica Bank
No-nonsense banking for established businesses
Global leaders in credit insurance and risk management
Integrated planning and analytics on the cloud
Information and Cyber Security Experts
EVO Payments
Everything you need to accept payments
FISCAL Technologies
We protect your spend. Every invoice. Every supplier. Every day.
Forecast 5
Forecast 5 – essential for cashflow budgeting and forecasting
Hopton Analytics
We provide BI solutions for timely decision-making
ICAEW supports over 208,000 members & students.
Award winning training provider
Specialists in Finance application integration
North West Cyber Resilience Centre
We help protect small businesses from online crime
Business spend, reinvented.
Digitise, Organise and Optimise your data
Fintech Services  & Software for local and International Trade
The Channel Partnership
Bringing a human side to Trade Credit Insurance.
Global business payments and FX risk management


“The team at financeSHOWCASE is delighted to launch this new event theme, which will join our well-established itSHOWCASE and marketingSHOWCASE portfolio. The positive and relaxed atmosphere at these events provides ample opportunities for discussion. Lots of takeaways from the talks too.”

Steve Jones

CEO, Framework Media Ltd

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